How to Share CloudMonitor with coworkers and others?

Modified on Thu, 21 Jul 2022 at 03:11 AM

When you share a CloudMonitor application, the people you share it with can view it and interact with it, but they can't edit it. Only the admin can grant access to Row-Level Security of the application (members can either have full access or cost group access). The members can see report in the application that the admin allow them to see. 

Full Access: Members added to this role will see the entire cost for all cost groups.
Cost Group Access: Members added to this role will only see the cost group where they have access to. This can be configured in the AdminApp. AdminApp link is available on the lower left of CloudMonitor main page. 

Step 1: Setup CloudMonitor permission to the Entire Organization

Open your PowerBI workspace 

Select the Workspace where you have installed CloudMonitor. 

Then Click ‘Update app’ on the upper right of your CloudMonitor workspace. 

Navigate to the Permission and select Entire organization and select ‘Update app’. 

Note: This will enable your coworkers to see the CloudMonitor application in AppSource organizational tab. Note that they can’t see anything in the application until the Admin added them to the Row Level Security. 

Step 2: Grant application access to your coworkers.

Open your PowerBI workspace 

Click the tricolon and select ‘Security’. 

Start adding your members access (either full access or cost group access) 

Step 3: Install the application from the AppSource or CloudMonitor application link.

There are two ways of sharing the application via application link or you can let them install it themselves from AppSource organizational apps. 

To install it from AppSource Organizational apps:
Go to
Click Organizational apps and click ‘Get it now’. 

To share application via link:
Go to
Click the CloudMonitor application
Copy the URL link on the top of your browser and send it to your coworkers. 

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