Getting started with CloudMonitor

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CloudMonitor monitors your cloud consumption costs and looks for cost-saving opportunities, so you only pay for what you need. CloudMonitor finds oversized resources and services that are no longer in use and suggests best practices based on real-time utilization patterns. It implements the FinOps lifecycle framework for improved cost visibility, cost allocation, and chargebacks.

CloudMonitor is structured around two primary components that work together to optimize cloud spending and enhance cost visibility:

1. Admin App:

  • The Admin App acts as the central control center for CloudMonitor.
  • Administrators utilize the Admin App to configure essential features like Cost Groups and Virtual Tags.
  • Cost Groups enable efficient organization of Azure resources, improving cost visualization and monitoring.
  • Administrators have the capability to set up and manage Virtual Tags within the Azure environment.
  • Virtual Tags ensure data consistency and streamline resource identification for effective management.

2. Power BI Report:

  • The Power BI Report acts as the user-facing frontend for CloudMonitor.
  • Users access detailed insights and reports through the Power BI App.
  • The Power BI App enables users to monitor cloud costs and consumption.
  • Users can track spending patterns and analyze cost trends using the Power BI interface.
  • Interactive dashboards and customizable reports enhance the user experience.
  • The Power BI App provides actionable insights for cost optimization and financial accountability.

To access your Admin App and Power BI report, please refer to "Accessibility to Cloudmonitor" article.

CloudMonitor provides a range of helpful features crafted to simplify cloud cost management and enhance visibility into cloud usage. These tools are designed to help organizations refine their spending on the cloud while gaining better insights into how resources are utilized. The main features of CloudMonitor include:

  1. Cost Groups
  2. Budgets
  3. Virtual Tags

To activate and maximize the benefits of CloudMonitor's additional features, please refer to the onboarding checklist provided in the following article.

For any inquiries regarding CloudMonitor, please feel free to reach out to us at

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